Calendar of Events

Open Art Studio

Kids and their adults can stop in and get creative! Explore many forms of visual art, paint, sculpt, collage, and more in our fully equipped Art Studio. A new project each week!

Music in Motion

Lots of music and plenty of action take place as little ones clap, hop, tiptoe, run, and scoot thorough a variety of movements! This fun program always ends with some social playtime so little ones can learn to follow directions and take turns. 

Tiny Tot Open Playtime

Bring the little ones for some interactive playtime! Slides, scooters, Hula Hoops and tunnels… you never know what fun things will be out for your toddlers to play on. Little ones can learn to take turns and make new friends. Parents must stay, please. 

Open Clay Studio

Come get your hands dirty in the clay studio! Families can explore a variety of clay and experiment with different building techniques. Try your hands at the pottery wheel with fifteen minutes of individual instruction time. There is no charge to play; if you’d like to keep certain projects a $5.00 material, firing, and glazing fee will apply.