George's Farm

It's Harvest Time!

Farmer George
Chicken Coop

George’s Farm keeps Harvest Market well-stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, boxed goods, and canned items. Pick apples, pears, corn, pepper, carrots, and potatoes then sort them in the Harvest Market loading dock so that shoppers will have the freshest food possible. Or harvest corn for the Fox Hollow Corn Factory that produces canned corn as fast as you can harvest. Don’t forget to collect eggs from the chicken coop – there’s a conveyer belt linking the coop and the Market together making sure the eggs are as fresh as possible!

Barn Animals
Corn Factory

In addition to crops, Farmer George takes care of livestock housed in his big red barn. Horses and donkeys and cows live in the barn and need to be cared for. Brush, water, and feed the animals so that they will be healthy. If any of your animals become sick, use the phone to call Dr. Harriet, the Fox Hollow veterinarian. She makes house…or barn…calls to check on your animals. OK, you can also use the phone to order the animals a pizza from Sal’s Pizza Parlor if you want – there’s always time to be a little silly!

If you head to the second floor of the barn, you will not only get a great view of Fox Hollow, but you will also gain access to Farmer George’s Treehouse. A bridge leads you to this hideaway fort, and a big yellow slide takes you away! After you have gone down the big yellow slide a dozen times, make sure you stop behind the tree truck – there are forest animal costumes for you to dress up in.

Thank you for letting us have a great time.
— Allison, age 4