Limitless Creativity!

Sample Project
Tool Bench
Professor Gilbert invites creative tinkers and thinkers to invent and create whatever they want at his ThinkShop! More than a build-it space, this is a place to create using real tools, real materials, and real imagination. We offer wood, nails, screws, hammers, glue, saws, and any other standard tools you need; but we also offer bottle caps, army men, old film rolls, or any other repurposed goods we have found. Build a bird house or build a rollercoaster, all we ask is that you build it creatively and safely. Safety glasses must be worn at all times and an adult must accompany all children (a maximum of three children for every adult). 

Thank you for hosting our students on field trips. These learning experiences outside the classroom are so important to our teachers and young people.
— Moline School District