Join the Family Museum!

With a Family Museum Membership, you will receive

How to purchase a membership:

  • Buy online (credit card only)
  • Fill out a membership application, and either mail it to us or drop it off at the front desk on your next visit (cash, check, or credit card).
  • Call us at (563) 344-4106 and complete the process over the phone (credit card only).
  • If you want to purchase a FunBundle, please visit the FunBundle website!

Access Assistance

  • Through the generosity of many donors, the Family Museum Foundation has funding to assist families by providing admission to the Museum through punch cards,
  • Applicants will need to show financial need,
  • The Family Museum Foundation can provide up to 90% support towards admission fees,
  • Please call (563) 344-4106 for more about the Museum's Access Assistance program.
Thank you for letting us have a great time.
— Allison, age 4