Family Date Night

Family Date Night
Invitation to Hogwarts - SOLD OUT
Friday, August 31
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Tickets are $9 and are available now. Members are free, but they still need a ticket.

Come witches and wizards to be sorted into your house! Make slimy Polyjuice Potion and adopt your own Bowtruckle!  Hop on a broom for a game of Quidditch and discover the mysteries of some Fantastic Beasts.  Sorting ceremony begins at 6:30 PM. If you would like your child to be “sorted”, please be prepared to fill out a short questionnaire when you purchase tickets. 

Tickets are limited to 200 and go on sale August 1. Members are free but need a ticket to enter. Non-members are $9 each. 

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We love, love Music in Motion. It's something we look forward to each week and has helped my son tremendously with his social anxiety and teaching him how to interact with other children.
— Cassidy