Sunday, December 2, 2018
Noon - 5:00 pm
Admission is free with a donation to the food pantry (food, money, personal hygiene item, etc.)
Family Museum members are also asked to make a donation.

Lots of wintry and fun activities for all ages!

Bettendorf, 3425 Middle Rd. (563) 332-6049


A huge, 300 square foot train set will be set up, and each passenger on the mini Polar Express will be enjoying hot chocolate in their seats with all of the lights burning bright and the smokestacks going full blast as the train winds its way on its journey to the North Pole.  

The centerpiece window dressing is the last set of animated figurines from the Petersen Harden Von Maur store in Davenport. Created by the (George) Silvestri Art Manufacturing Company, this Santa’s House scene includes a Living Room with a decorated tree and fireplace, a Kitchen with a very busy stove, a Workshop where elves are busy making toy trains, and a snowball battle in the woods among the elves who are gathering firewood.  The display was built in Chicago during October of 1966, and was donated to the Family Museum in 1990 when the store was sold.

I am very impressed with the staff and the courteousness and friendliness are impeccable.
— Anitha