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  • With rising costs and shrinking budgets, schools today may find it difficult to create out-of-school experiences for their students. Our First Place for First Grade program offers scholarships for first grade classes from Scott and Rock Island counties to visit the Family Museum at no cost to them - we even cover the cost of transportation. 
  • Your donation could cover the cost of a year-long membership for a family in need. Through our Access Assistance program, qualifying families can receive a membership to the Family Museum for 10% of the actual price.
  • Financial support to the exhibits program provides necessary maintenance, upgrades, and funds for world-renowned traveling exhibits to visit the Family Museum.

Race You to the Top!

Be a part of the newest attraction in town! Create a lasting impression, and get your name on a two-story 3D climbing sculpture for kids that’s truly a work of art! The Family Museum wants to take that next step towards greatness for our guests with the addition of a custom “Luckey” two-story climber in our Great Hall. These amazing climbers can be found in big-city museums across the country, such as Boston, Columbus, Rochester, and St. Louis…just to name a few. It’s yet another way for our young guests to stay active while having fun and creating family memories that last a lifetime!

  • Walker: $50
  • Hiker: $100
  • Trekker: $250
  • Explorer: $500
  • Voyager: $1,000
  • Guide: $5,000+

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Music in Motion is a fun, positive place for my 2-year-old to interact with other kids. She asks every week when we can go again.
— Alexander