Encouraging expression, creativity and confidence.

Inspiring a Life-Long Love of Dance

The Family Museum is proud to offer a well-rounded dance education! Year-long classes in creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, and pointe are offered for students ages 3-18.

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At the Family Museum, we strive to inspire our students with a life-long love of dance. Our classes focus on building a strong technical foundation while encouraging expression, creativity, and confidence. The year ends with a unique, theatrical production showcasing our dancers’ skills and artistry.  

Youth Protection Advocates in Dance

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The Family Museum staff has received training from YPAD, marking our commitment to keeping kids happy, healthy, and safe in dance. Each of our dance staff members has undergone a background check and received training in CPR, abuse awareness and prevention, injury prevention and response, and safety and emergency preparedness. Additional training in wellness and development of young dancers covers social media safety, today’s dance culture, developmentally appropriate artistry, body image, nutrition, disordered eating, bullying, and conflict resolution. 

For New Students

Registration for the 2024-2025 year for NEW students will begin June 8, 2024. View our registration form for more information.

2024-2025 Dance Class Schedule

Our dance classes span the traditional school year (September-May). Registration for the 2024-2025 year will begin by mail-in only on Saturday, May 11, for returning students, and on Saturday, June 8, for new students. Placement for incoming students age 8+ is determined by the Dance Coordinator and is based on ability and knowledge of technique. If you are a new student age 8 or older, please email Dance Coordinator Jessica Halfhill or call (563) 344-4151 for placement. 

Find the answers to more of your questions in our Student and Parent Handbook.

Classes for Ages 3-6

Creative Movement, age 3: Creative Movement classes are for our littlest dancers. Children learn to be in the classroom environment, follow directions, work with others, and express themselves through a wide variety of movement exercises. Creative movement includes the very basics of ballet and acting out stories through movement. Our focus is on learning to love dance class, making new friends, and working well with others.

Pre-Ballet, ages 4-6: Pre-Ballet classes provide a fun and creative introduction to dance. Classes will include a short warm-up with gentle stretching, learning basic fundamentals of ballet technique, learning to take turns across the floor, developing coordination, balance, rhythm and grace, and encouraging creativity through imaginative exercises and improvisation. Pre-Ballet classes are separated by age. Students must be the age listed for the class by September 1. 

Classes for Ages 7 and up

Ballet classes: Ballet classes at the Family Museum are taught with a focus on proper technique and the use of correct terminology. In addition to increasing technical proficiency and strength, dancers will work on musicality, grace, and self-expression. Dancers interested in registering for Ballet 1 must be a minimum of age 7 by September 1.

Tap Classes: Tap classes teach students the skills of coordination along with musical concepts such as rhythms, patterning, and musicality. As dancers progress through the levels, they are challenged to work toward obtaining clarity of their tap sounds, executing increased speed and memorization, and exploring performance quality as a tap dancer. Dancers interested in registering for Tap 1 must be a minimum of age 7 by September 1.

Jazz Classes: Jazz is a stylized approach to the basic technique learned in ballet class. Jazz dance classes at the Family Museum are based on the Giordano Technique, a foundational jazz technique created by Chicago-based dancer and choreographer Gus Giordano. Focusing on movement quality, learning how to isolate the body, and promoting individual expression are key components of this style of dance. Dancers interested in registering for a jazz class must be a minimum of age 10 by September 1 and are required to also be enrolled in a ballet class at the Ballet 4 level or higher.

Hip Hop Classes: Fun and funky classes get your body moving! Hip hop classes begin with warm-up and move on to combinations that teach students how to show their style, feel the beat of the music, and dance with energy, muscle, and precision. As dancers advance to higher levels, they will be challenged to execute more complex musicality, choreography, and performance quality. Dancers interested in registering for a hip hop classes must be a minimum of age 9 by September 1.

Modern Class: Modern dance is a concert dance style that evolved as a reaction to the strict technique of ballet in the early 20th century. Modern dance classes include technique from a variety of modern dance styles with an emphasis on groundedness and floor work, contraction and release, spirals, and the elemental concepts of space, time, and force. Improvisational work will also be included, which will let each dancer express and explore their own unique movement qualities. Dancers interested in registering for a modern class must be a minimum of age 10 by September 1.

Pointe: Enrollment in pointe classes is by invitation only. As pointe is the most advanced form of ballet, students will only be placed on pointe after careful evaluation of strength and flexibility in the legs, feet, ankles, hip-rotation, abdominals, and back.

Family Museum Dance Company

The Family Museum Dance Company is a non-competitive performing company, comprised of a dedicated group of students, ages 10 and up, that have chosen dance as their main extra-curricular activity. FMDC is dedicated to providing our dancers with quality dance education and training, unique performing opportunities, and increased visibility in the community. Company dancers serve as role models for our young dance students through their performances and volunteer work.

For more information on how to become a member of FMDC, you may email Dance Coordinator, Jessica Halfhill or call her at (563) 344-4151.

Family museum dance company

We had a wonderful time. Thank you very much! This was the cleanest and most interactive museum we have been to.Susie and Sam