Good Clean Fun

The Family Museum works hard to provide you and your family a safe and clean place to play and learn together. The following are just a few ways we work to do just that.

ThinkShop Glasses

Each pair of safety glasses is cleaned and sanitized after each use by an industrial-grade steam cleaning dishwasher. They are cleaned at 200 degrees for 2 minutes guaranteeing that each pair is completely sanitized. For comparison, food service standards require a minimum of 165 degrees for 30 seconds.

Exhibit Area Maintenance

Each exhibit area is maintained every week. Maintenance includes cleaning all cabinetry and walls, assessing damages, pull tattered props, and order new props. View complete schedule.

Exhibit Props/Items

All props are removed from the floor daily for cleaning. While these props are off the floor, we have a set of identical items on the floor which have been cleaned the day prior. All props are cleaned and disinfected daily.

General Building and Exhibit Cleaning Protocol

All hard surfaces are wiped down and disinfected daily. This includes counter tops, water table surfaces, combine cab, train table, cabinetry, etc. All props are removed and disinfected daily. Shoes are disinfected daily.

The building is cleaned daily. This includes trash removal, cleaning of all tables and chairs, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, refiling sanitary supplies, sanitizing hard surfaces (railings, door knobs, etc.), restroom maintenance, and glass surfaces cleaning. View complete schedule.

Water Table

The water in the Family Museum’s water table is continuously and automatically cleaned through a three-step process daily. View complete description.

Drinking Fountains

Disinfected at least twice daily.

Stuffed Animals

We use an industrial size mashing machine to clean the plush props in our exhibit area. They are then gently cradled and brushed until they look fluffy and new.

Keep Your Kids Home

If your child is sick or showing signs of becoming sick, we ask that you keep them home. This includes vomiting, diarrhea, head lice, sore throat, rash, eye infection, or fevers. 

Thank you for hosting our students on field trips. These learning experiences outside the classroom are so important to our teachers and young people.
— Moline School District