Saturday, February 29th

Leap Day

10:00am - 1:00pm

Get a little froggy on a day that only hops onto our calendar once every four years…Leap Day! Come learn about some awesome jumping amphibians—frogs and toads—with crafts, games, and programs from local leapin’ experts. Sticky Tongue Frogs - make your own tongue to catch flies like the pros! Wapsi River Environmental Education Center - meet some amazing amphibians, listen to frog calls, and test your skills on a frog ID “buzzboard.” Lifecycle HOP-scotch: Leap through a toad’s life in a giant game of HOP-scotch.

11:00 am: Niabi Zoo – Learn how frogs tell us if our freshwater ecosystems are healthy and meet two ambassador animals, a cane toad and a tree frog.
12:15 pm: Wapsi River Environmental Center - Get the scoop on amphibian adaptations and meet some of these incredible creatures!