Science + You

January 25, 2020 - April 19, 2020

Science + You

Science + You offers a child-sized laboratory where children can explore how scientists impact health and wellness. Through hands-on interactive machinery, processes, and technology, Science + You demonstrates the role science plays in keeping the body healthy. A demonstration area of the exhibit also will allow visiting scientists and educators to perform fun and interactive scientific experiments appropriate for young children.

Science you 4c abbvie foundation

Demonstrating how antibodies act in the body, this component of the exhibit offers children the opportunity to understand a complex process through play. A clear Plexiglas structure is filled with magnetic balls, which represent “germs” in the body. Four stations outside the structure include a movable antibody that children can use to manipulate germs. 

Glove Box 
Children can use a glovebox, a sealed container used by real-life scientists, with gloves built into the sides allowing one to manipulate objects safely. Demonstrating how scientists use a glovebox to contain materials as well as protect themselves, the children will wear thick gloves to measure substances using beakers, funnels and other lab equipment. 

Mixing and Separating Test Lab
Exploring how scientists use machines to mix liquids and solids, this component of the exhibit demonstrates how different types of equipment function. Children can see the machines in action and can also manually mix and separate liquids and solids themselves.

Magnification Area
This exhibit features a specialized Wentzscope and video microscopes that magnify objects on a large video screen, allowing younger children to compare and contrast an array of natural and man-made items up close. 
Healthy Lifestyle
This exhibit component emphasizes the importance of nutrition, exercise, and rest with an interactive activity. The exhibit features an outline of a human body with a hollow center. Children place puzzle pieces representing various forms of nutrition, exercise, and rest in different areas of the body. 

Test Kitchen
In the test kitchen children will make a ‘healthy soup’ choosing their own combination of appropriate ingredients. Children pick the ingredients from the five food groups. The burner under their soup pot lights up when they’ve selected the correct balance of healthy ingredients. 

Science Reflection
Children can share their scientific thoughts and reflections after experiencing in the exhibit. A variety of images, drawings and terminology from the exhibit is provided that children can use to create their own collage. A display wall allows children to share their collage reflection with the public.